38 SPECIAL; Fiocchi 38 Special 158 GR. JHP (38B) Zoom. Fiocchi 38 Special 158 GR. JHP (38B) Be the first to review this product. SKU: VN4977. Sign up to get notified ... Menu. About Holy Books; How-to; Contact; Privacy Policy; SoMe; 45 acp 185 gr jhp pmc
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  • Caliber : 38 Special. Bullet Type : Jacketed Hollow Point. Bullet Weight : 158 GR. Fiocchi .38 Special, 125 Gr, Complete Metal Jacket, 50rd Box. $19.84. This item is no longer available.
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  • Ditto the .38 Special round! The same company brought out a +P load recently. It seems that the average penetration depth for most JHP's in this caliber is about 7 to 9 inches in ballistic gelatin.
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  • The Jacketed Hollow Point (HP) bullet is the perfect choice when you require absolute accuracy. A hollow point shifts the center of gravity towards the base of the bullet, which gives these bullets an astonishing edge in accuracy, a virtue on which shooters have relied for many years. Caliber:.38 Special
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  • I would definitely use the Win 231 and a 158gr JHP. The Hornady 9th editions starts at 3.7gr for 600 fps up to 4.9gr for 800 fps at an OAL of 1.450" using a 4" S&W K15. I just looked at my reloading data base and found in 25 years I never loaded 158gr jacketed bullets in 38 Special cases, always 357 Mag.
Mar 22, 2020 · The Quote below is from the Speer Number 13 loading manual Pg 517 .38 special at standard pressure and explains why Speer lists their loads for 110 and 125 grain jacketed bullets with maximum load only and the DNR designation: "Lead bullets are usually best for loading standard pressure .38 Specials . 38 Special (.357 Diameter) - 125 GR JHP $ per 1000 $99.75 Sold Out R102-B: 38 Special (.357 Diameter) - 125 GR JHP 2,000 to 9,999 $95.55 Sold Out
Fiocchi Ammunition - .38 Special, 125gr, XTP JHP, Box of 25 [38XTPP25]. Recently Viewed Products. Smith and Wesson Model 14-3, Bill Davis Custom - .38 Special, 6", Pre-Owned.Magtech 38 Special +P 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point. Fiocchi Extrema .38 Spc +P 110gr XTP JHP 25/bx (25 rounds per b.
49 Rounds Of 38 Special Jhp for auction. 600+ lots of ammo, reloading, scopes and militaria items Estate Super Sport Target 12 Ga 2 3 4 1 Oz 9 Lead Shot And 38 Special Defense Ammo For Sale 158 Gr Jhp Xtp Hornady Get SPECIAL OFFER and cheap Price for Estate
Our Classic Match 38 Special 125gr JHP ammo provides exceptional accuracy and reliability. Tested through a 6 inch revolver barrel. Specifications: Bullet: 125GR JHP. Velocity: 860 FPS ±.Caliber: 38 Special. Bullet Type: Hydra-Shok JHP. Bullet Weight: 129 GR. Muzzle Energy: 258 ft lbs. Muzzle Velocity: 950 fps. Rounds Per Box: 20. Boxes Per Case: 25.
38 Special .357 Diameter 110 Grain TAC-XP 40 Count. 035-30449 | Barnes . $25.38. $0.63 Per Piece. Out of Stock. 357 Magnum .357 Diameter 140 Grain XPB Pistol X-Bullet ... I have 2 boxes of CORBON 38 Special +P 110gr JHP for sale. 20 rounds in each box. I am asking for $25 each box. Meet up in either Buckeye/Goodyear area or Peoria (107th & Olive)
Federal Premium’s .38 special +P+ 147-grain Hydra-Shok® jacketed hollow point, is a brand-new boxer-primed, noncorrosive brass-cased round. Passing even the FBI’s ammunition test, this round is great for both self-defense and carry situations.
  • Low cost programmable power supplyFiocchi of America’s ammunition is made by shooters for shooters. We research the best Italian style quality and the best American innovation, to bring you amazingly high-quality products.
  • Vape pen battery 510 walmartThe .38 Special Treasury Load is a piece of revolver and ammunition history. Harvey and others like him were making important contributions to the birth of jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) bullets for...
  • P320 tungsten guide rodSpecial Price$169.99 Was$249.99. Add to Cart. Save Compare.
  • Hikvision eki q41t24Caliber: .38 Special +P Bullet Weight: 130 Grains Bullet Style: HST Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
  • Morgan stanley engagement letterThe .38 Special, .38 Special +P and .357 Magnum represent three distinct power levels using the same bullets and all three cartridges can be fired from any .357 Magnum revolver. The cases are dimensionally identical, except that the Magnum case is 0.135" longer than the Special case.
  • Tuff torq customer serviceWinchester Ammo Walmart And 38 Special Jhp Ammo For Sale is best in online store. I will call in short word as Winchester Ammo Walmart And 38 Special Jhp Ammo For Sale For individuals who are trying to find Winchester Ammo Walmart And 38 Special Jhp Ammo For Sale review.
  • The outsiders chapter 11 12 quizletBuy Sig Sauer .38 special 125gr V-Crown JHP - 20 Rounds, E38SP1-20, from SigSauerguns.com. Priced at $18.99. Current order processing time frame: 3 business days Due to frequent problems with USPS First Class Mail, this shipping option is currently unavailable.
  • If someone is on your best friend list are you on theirs 2020Elmer Keith wrote in 1955 of shooting the 38/44 load which was far more powerful than +P (FAR MORE) through an alloy J frame Chief's Special with no damage to the gun. I repeat... once again... any well made gun in 38 Special will handle all the +P you care to purchase for it. The +P is not a hot load.
  • Outlook for mac missing featuresShop for 38 Special P Ammo For Sale 129 Gr Hydra Shok Jhp And Buy 1911 Barrel Links Nighthawk Custom 38 Special P Ammo For Sale 129 Gr Hydra Shok Jhp And Buy 19
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Tough enough to give good penetration, these bullets are a fitting choice for varmints through medium-sized game in 38 Special and 357 Magnum guns by matching bullet weight to the quarry. The cannelure is located for proper crimping for most 38/357 revolvers and rifles. To order by phone, please call 1-888-223-3006 Products › Norma .38 Special JHP Safeguard 158 gr . cartridge Norma .38 Special JHP Safeguard 158 gr ... Norma Special Norma Wetland Airgun Pellets Show all Airgun ...

Fiocchi 38 Special +P 125gr JHP - 25 Rounds. Fiocchi's Extrema is the ideal handgun ammo for hunting and self defense. It uses XTP hollow point bullets and optimum powder for caliber and reliable primers to deliver the best. Fiocchi Ammunition - .38 Special, 125gr, XTP JHP (Extreme Terminal Performance Jacketed Hollow Point) This is the ideal handgun ammo for hunting and self defense. The nickel-plating resist the elements to protect the brass cases when carried in every day or hunting environments and offer an increase in surface lubricity for positive function in ... Remanufactured .223 / 5.56 62gr JHP BT. We list these as .223/5.56 because they will properly cycle both platforms. Made with Remanufactured brass, clean double-base ball powder, CCI primer or comparable. Highest quality you’ll find at these prices. Period. ***PLEASE NOTICE LEAD TIMES ON ALL NEW ORDERS LISTED ON THE HOMEPAGE. THE UPS ETA ...